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About the Ethics Initiative at the Wheatley Institution

Fostering integrity, service, and leadership

Many business and civic leaders have noted and commented on a general decline in moral maturity and moral sensibility in our own and other societies. This decline in basic integrity has important implications for the tenor of public life and the viability of our most important civic and economic institutions. The real costs of dishonesty in business are staggering. Fostering ethical behavior in the business world is an important priority of the Institution. We encourage research aimed at improving ways in which the sense of integrity, ethics, and leadership are fostered in the most basic institutions of society, including homes, elementary schools, churches, businesses, professions, and government. Research will be directed toward the identification and articulation of core moral principles and the processes by which they can be effectively taught to contemporary and future generations to strengthen and preserve core social institutions. One institutional goal is to be a major center for research and teaching ethics in business and other professions, all with an eye to enhancing our ability to transmit the virtues that sustain our core institutions to the next generation. Work within this scholarly initiative also recognizes the inevitable connection between ethics and leadership. The Institution seeks to become a center for scholarship and education in effective, ethical leadership in all sectors of society.

The Ethics Initiative at BYU is an initiative sponsored by the Wheatley Institution.